Travel destinations recommended in Japan .

Travel destinations recommended in Japan ... Hida Takayama is good? Is it? In Hida Takayama there are districts that preserve old-fashioned townscapes. Overall black house is continuing ... The cityscape is a nice feeling. There is a coffee shop in the cityscape. There is a diary book for the customer in the coffee shop there, you can write what you like, memories of the trip and so on. Before marriage, I visited there when I was dating my current husband and left memories of the trip. And since I got married, I visited the cafe again with my husband. I still have it, diary. It has been going on forever. I searched for memories of the trip that they left many years ago, but I regret to say that my diary volume was too large to do. If you leave a message, we recommend you to remember the cover picture of the diary firmly or to remember the number of vol. Other tasty food store is also available. While tasting, it is good to see the cityscape.
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