My 'What is the recommended travel destination in the country?' Is the hea...

My 'What is the recommended travel destination in the country?' Is the health land which is the most memorable past in Nasu's Sun Valley. The official name is ""Hotel Sun Valley Nasu"", a famous resort hotel. For those with children, we recommend a small packed nature experience tour that you can eat lots of delicious buffet in the rich nature of Nasu Highlands. Of course you can also take a day trip to the bath! There is a flowing heated pool and a cave bath, which makes it fun and not boring. In addition, Viking of Sun Valley has freshly made Italian, blueberry bread, rich soft cream, etc. It is delicious and melts so that we can not keep an eye on! Dinner can be chosen from three of Japanese, Western and Chinese I will. In the case of bathing set, there is also a special pack as well as a day-trip dinner too super recommended !! Rates list is here → http: // There is also a safari park in Nasu at the nearby Night Safari Park You can enjoy. Once in a while, when I went with friends, I feel nostalgic that I wore a bathing suit and entered a heated pool or hot springs, but I still remember it. There was surely a milk bath, and the time which was relaxed relaxingly with a pure white bathtub was really pleasant to the highest. It feels good for your health, is not it! That's why everyone reading this ""Where is the recommended travel destination in Japan?"" Where is it? If you do not mind, please tell me Kosori !! Reference site Top Page URL → http: //

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