Domestic trips have been various things with cars, buses and trains, and w...

Domestic trips have been various things with cars, buses and trains, and we went there a lot, but the best is to say loudly, is not it? Akiyoshi-dong is also good, recently traveling in Gero Onsen two days one night! This is a place where you can enjoy the hot springs, honest favorites and itchy! Is it like feeling it is drawing directly from the source , Sometimes saying that the stopped inn is a well-established inn, it was a lot of fun, and it was like I said that it was a very nice one-night trip with hot springs, culinary delights. Honestly speaking, while my father was alive, I got him to take me to various places, famous places by car, but when I go to a hot spring resort, I will not stay at a hot spring and stay in a car It was a feeling that I said that it was overnight ... so it was only when I was traveling by car and when I went to a famous place in the place that I could say ""Honestly !!"" There was not a hot spring in the ... ・ ・ ・. But, since it was a child, it was until the father's spirited time, so it was a fun trip with sole! Is it possible to say that it is a gero hot spring! That honestly, this gakuen hot spring, a name Although I did when I went there, I was not afraid! I came back with a very good hot water. After that, although I went variously, now I can say clearly, if there is a hot spring, it is called Gero Onsen !! Although there are still plenty good places in the country, I do not know if I go! There are so many places to say! I will not say much because I have not tried it around yet, but in me it will be Gero Onsen now

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