Talking about traveling abroad! It is! Many people think that there are ma...

Talking about traveling abroad! It is! Many people think that there are many, but surprisingly there are many attractive places in the country too. The travel destination I recommend is my local Izu! It is! Sometimes you need to get away from the city and enjoy nature. Izu is a place full of water and greenery. If you get a train, go to Mishima by Tokaido Line or Shinkansen, go to Izu-Hakone Railway toward Shuzenji. This is also a single track three-car organization. It makes me feel the countryside, I feel exactly ""travel"". Izu Nagaoka on the way, and Shuzenji at the end point are spa towns. You can enjoy water + natural + hot spring. Now it seems that customers are drastically decreasing in every hotel due to this recession, some hotels seem to be able to stay at an incredible amount for customers to acquire. Well, this time I went by car, I went down Numazu Inter and went to National Highway No. 1. Then enter National Road No. 136 and head towards Shuzenji one way. Before entering National Road No. 136, there is a place where the fresh water of Mt. Fukushi called Kakita River gets incredibly well. It is a lot of water that spring water is making a river. Although I entered in old days, it seems impossible now ... Enter the No. 136 line, crossing Shuzenji, there is the ""Jinno no Onsuki"" that comes out across the Amagi in Ishikawa Sayuri. There must be quite a lot before going to the waterfall, but there was absolutely there to walk! It is! When it gets off it falls in front of my eyes .... I personally have a place where you can eat salted grilled sweetfish in a store there, and you can eat it on the spot, but when you eat it in such a place, it is more delicious. Every time we go, we eat sweetfish. Beyond the Jodo Falls, there is the Amagi Tunnel. Although it is the new Amagi Tunnel currently usable normally, there is the Old Tiancheng Tunnel in a place far away. In a sense, Izu is also a place with history. There are many places where you can relax so much, so you will not recommend it! It is!

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